Claudia Colombo | Portfolio
Claudia Colombo Portfolio — Graphic/Visual/Communication designer, passionate about research and editorial design.
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thesis project
cognitive psychology+user experience
visual prototyping app
180 x 240 mm
cover — cotton ivory paper 220 g/m
in — ivory uncoated 90 g/m
BA project
905 x 250 mm
label — white uncoated paper 220 g/m + gold vinyl logo
structure — microwave cardboard (wave E) 1.5 mm
BA project
olympic games concept
320 x 225 mm
cover — hard cover 2mm
in — extrawhite arcoprint fedrigoni 120 g/m
BA project
data production awarness
data communication
multiple data displays
rescue time
BA project
iconographic research
145 x 205 mm
cover — handmade graffito ceramic
in — ivory oldmill fedrigoni 120 g/m
BA project
photographic storytelling
look behind the scene
200 x 178 mm
cover — red canson paper 220g/m
in — white fabriano laid paper 200 g/m 
BA project
horizon perception
three cities I lived in
297 x 420 mm
two sheets
white laid paper 140 g/m 
BA project
motorcycle museum
morbidelli company
500 x 700 mm
two versions
white paper 220 g/m