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Bestiarium Graffitis

Bestiarium Graffitis

Editorial Design
Individual Project
BA Project
ISIA Urbino
Jul13-Oct 13
Research in History of Estense Ceramics
Comparison between influences

→    Brief Description

This project is a visual research about the animals iconography in the historical and modern Estense ceramic. This is related to historical events, symbology and miniature illustrations found in the Borso d’Este Bible (preserved in the Biblioteca Ariostea in Ferrara). One of the finest and traditional handmade art revisited trough the most curious and funny animals (with their symbologies).

→    Achievements

1 ›  Find analogies between Borso d’Este Bible and the animals on the ceramic artworks, and create an editorial tool to allow people to notice those analogies.

2 › Convey a ceramic artwork with an editorial one.

3 › Refine handcrafting skills like hand binding and ceramics, all done by me.

Cover Detail
Interior detail
Raw cover

→  Historical research about the development of this antique technique called Graffito Estense in Ferrara

The first few pages of the book are about the born and the explanation of the Estense Ceramic technique that is called Graffito. This technique, in few words, is a complex and slow handcrafting work that makes the artworks acquiring two levels of colour and tactile deepness; and next coloured and polished finishings. And a brief historical introduction.

Raw plate
Raw semi-decorated plate
Finished plate

→  Give a structure at the navigation of the book like a dynamic Bestiary, customizable by the reader

During this research I found immediately analogies between the animals of Borso d’Este Bible and the others on the ceramic artworks. I decided to project some cards with the animals picked up from the original Bible and the others founded in the Romolo Magnani books.

Editorial products
Custom navigation

The reader has, then, the possibility of use the cards to make a comparison between the animals of ceramic iconography and their peers in the wanderful miniatures of Borso d’Este Bible.

First opening

The book is divided in different sections, each for every kind of animal and for its antique and modern iconography. Each of them begins with a brief explanation of the symbolic value and of the context of every typology of animals.

Sample page

Sometimes the animals I found are so funny and a bit weird. It was cool to finding out all these kinds of strange creatures and observe the relationship with the miniatures.

Page with a card