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Morbidelli Museum

Corporate image
Poster Design
Research with Sonia Poto & Federica Selleri
Individual Project
BA Project
ISIA Urbino
Nov13-Feb 14
G. Morbidelli life history
Versatile corporate elements

→    Brief Description

This project is a proposal for a new identity for the Morbidelli Museum (motorcycle collection including the Morbidelli vehicles but also motorcycles of the whole twentieth century since 1904) in Pesaro (Italy). We went to the museum to interview Giancarlo Morbidelli (the owner of that and a smart entrepreneur that in 70′ had his moment of greatest success) that has a strong personality with inspiring details (as neat freak and precise, in a good way, he remind, through his personality, his passion for mechanics). And this is my personal proposal for a logotype.

→    Achievements

1 ›  Find the right general concept to develop the logo for a museum with a content really various.

2 › Create a dynamic alphabet to use for the corporate image application.

“I am the son of a farmer, I’m not ashamed to say that I’m eighty. Yes, ladies, I’m like your grandfathers. I started my business after I repaired my first drilling wood machine, with thirty thousand lire in my pocket and a great passion about mechanics. Since I was a child I loved motorcycles. They are my first passion.”


“Motorcycle is female, isn’t it?
ehhhh, then inevitably you fall in love!”


Giancarlo Morbidelli (owner of the museum and all the stories that it contains)


→  Meet the customer and enjoy his personality and his character

This museum tells the entire life-story of the founder: Giancarlo Morbidelli. During his career he invested on constructing competition motorcycles, and for some years his Morbidelli Motor brand won the world cup. Actually the museum contains his private collection of motorcycles since 1904 to about 1990, the Morbidelli models and some other personal memories (like the cups and the cars of the F3 competitions won by his son, “to be restored” motorcycles, Serafini’s cups and his motorcycle). The challenge was to create a logo that fit perfectly his strong personality and tells about the whole content of the museum (the key concepts were mechanics, sorted things, tools, game and method).

Last sketches →

→  Greater abstraction and synthesis

Working on these shapes and this idea I finally arrived at a strong synthesis that allowed the logo to be recognizable and legible at a small scale. Then I decided to use the same method to construct it to design a kind of experimental alphabet.

Logo →

All the letters can vary a bit: they have to be treated as mechanic tape, and for the visual balance of the composition and the legibility they can be modified following the construction method (as the mechanic stuffs are modified in their component to work well).

The experimental alphabet →

The request was for a traditional structure of the stationery graphics. The red used is the same of the logo of the Morbidelli Motorcycles, the other colors of the corporate image are white and black.

The bags and the posters are projected for “the museums night” that is a night in which all the museums in the municipality remain open until late and are completely free. It’s an initiative to promote culture that happens regularly, in a lot of cities.