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Rome 2024

Brand Design
Editorial Design
Individual Project
BA Project
ISIA Urbino
Feb 14-Jul 14
Complex corporate image applied at the architectural context

→    Brief Description

This project is a proposal for a corporate image of the possible Olympic Games in Rome in 2024. This work includes a complete brand manual with also the usage of the elements in every kind of items (merchandise, medals, icons, etc.). I decided to focus the brand identity on three concepts which denote Rome: “all streets lead to Rome” + “chaos” + “heritage”. I used the light and the atmosphere as the key points of the concept.


→    Achievements

1 › Convey the identity of a city with the identity of a well known event as the Olympic Games.

2 ›  Create a strong and coherent set of elements that work well together and built a recognizable final product.

small bag

→  The logo

The logo is structured on a group of five grids based on the Campidoglio’s Square one. This square was designed by Michelangelo inspired by the antique ‘belly-bottom stone’ that was the aim of the pilgrims who converged there from all over the world. It is a metaphor of centrality, and of conveying of cultures. The golden section, a magical and harmonic shape is the key of my logo. There are several ways of compose, connect, decompose and combine the elements which these grids potentially offer. The construction of the logo became visible and an active part of it like shining radiuses and network of connection between the continents.

Logo design process →

Pitch text

→  The colors and their concept

One of the most engaging atmosphere in Rome is given by the colors. The great part of the historical city centre is built with marble or travertine that reflect the color of the environmental light. The most enjoyable colorful moment in the day is the sunshine, when the city is completely immersed in this warm and shiny tones. Furthermore, Rome is a city in which is not simple to do invasive architectural modification in order to promote and give visibility at the Olympics. For these reasons I chose that colours and I decided to do a minimum modification with a great atmosphere result: the projection on the historical monuments.


→  The icons

The components of the icons are designed on the same grid of the logo and a bit adjusted to be legible and coherent. The heads of the men remember the dot of “i” in the antique marble engravings done by a tracing tool with a particular section shape. I used a lot these icons to do the merchandise items, the posters, the flags, the stamps, etc.

Trevi's fountain

→  The tickets

The icons are also divided in categories based on their field’s discipline. For each of these fields I used a tone of the “sunshine in Rome” color palette I made. These colors are bright, full, energic and in a summer mood. The tickets are made based on this categorization, with a customized hologram and a QRcode to view in Google Maps where each competition will take place.


→  The medals

The medals are designed on the same grid, but using a more traditional approach, they remind more closely the Campidoglio’s Square.